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Plugin for using PixLive SDK in Ionic framework.


The documentation is available at

Using the Augmented Reality View

Follow the following steps do add an augmented reality view in your Ionic project:

  • Add the plugin to your Ionic project:

    ionic add vidinoti/angular-pixlive

  • Add the Cordova plugin for PixLive SDK to your Ionic project:

    ionic plugin add cordova-plugin-pixlive  --variable LICENSE_KEY=MyLicenseKey \
        --variable PIXLIVE_SDK_IOS_LOCATION=\"/home/PixLiveSDKiOS/VDARSDK.framework\"
        --variable PIXLIVE_SDK_ANDROID_LOCATION=\"/home/PixLiveSDKAndroid/vdarsdk-release.aar\"

    where the paths corresponds to the location for iOS and Android of the framework and AAR files. Do not remove the backslashes before and after the quotes (i.e. \") or the command will fail.

  • Add JS Bundle file in you index.html:

    <script src="lib/angular-pixlive/js/PixLive.bundle.js"></script>

  • Add the pixlive angular module to be loaded with your app. It should like similar to:

    angular.module('myApp', ['ionic', 'myApp.controllers', '', 'pixlive'])
  • Optionally set up push notification in your app.js, in the init part:

    if(window.cordova && window.cordova.plugins) {
      //Enable notifications

    where GoogleProjectID corresponds to the ID of the Google project you created in the Google Developer console.

  • You can also enable bookmark support (user will be able to bookmark some content. You can then create a view with all the bookmarked content):

    if(window.cordova && window.cordova.plugins) {
      //Enable bookmark support
  • Add an Augmented Reality view in one of your Ionic views. Note that content inserted within the view will be displayed on top of the AR camera view.

    <ion-view view-title="PixLive" style="background-color: transparent !important;">
      <!-- You can insert other elements here to create overlays -->

    Warning: The camera view is inserted below your Ionic app. Therefore you need to make sure to have your view transparent where the camera should appear. As above, set the CSS property background-color to transparent on your ion-view as well as on your ion-tabs, if any.

Synchronizing content from PixLive Maker

PixLive Maker is a platform that allows anyone to create content for your app embeding PixLive SDK.

Your app needs to be synchronized with PixLive Maker so that the content can be used within the app.

To do so, the plugin exposes a PxlRemoteController service allowing you to request synchronizations of the contexts / AR content. This can be done anywhere in your controllers or at app launch time. The plugin make sure that everything is ready before issuing the call so it's safe to use it anywhere.

Example of usage within a controller constructor:

myApp.controller('PixLiveCtrl', function($scope, $ionicLoading, $compile, PxlRemoteController, $ionicPopup) {
    // Trigger a synchronization with the tag *test*
    // You can pass an empty array to synchronize with all the contexts.
    PxlRemoteController.synchronize(['test']).then(function(contexts) {
        console.log('Syncronization OK: ');
    }, function(reason) {
            title: 'PixLive Synchronization Error',
            template: reason
    }, function(progress) {
        console.log('Synchronization progress: '+progress);

Directives for events

The following directives can be used as attribute on any elements to get the associated events from the PixLive SDK:

  • pxlContextEnter
  • pxlContextExit
  • pxlCodeRecognize
  • pxlAnnotationsPresent
  • pxlAnnotationsHide
  • pxlSynchronizationRequired
  • pxlSensorTriggered
  • pxlSensorUpdate
  • pxlSensorUntriggered
  • pxlEventFromContent

It can be used for example as follow in your HTML template:

<ion-view view-title="AR" style="background-color: transparent !important;">
  <pxl-view pxl-context-enter="contextEnter">

This will call the contextEnter on the controller linked with the view when an image or a iBeacon is detected. The context ID is passed as a parameter to the contextEnter method.

See the directives' doc for more information.