3D Preview


This page describes how to create a web preview for 3D models.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Connect to V-Director and open the 3D asset library.
  2. Create a new 3D asset or edit an existing one.
  3. Upload a 3D model in glTF format: select glTF in the dropdown menu and select the file to upload. You can either select a single .gltf file or upload a zip file containing the glTF file with its textures.

    glTF upload

  4. Once the file has been uploaded, you can generate the 3D preview by clicking the “Generate preview” button.

    glTF generate preview

  5. The 3D preview is displayed once it has been generated.

    3D Preview

  6. You can open it in a new browser window by clicking “Open in external tab”.

Attribution: the above 3D model has created by Koha and distributed on Sketchfab under CC License.


  • If you want to integrate the 3D preview in a content. Right-click “Open in external tab” and copy link address. In your content, paste the link in a new webpage annotation.
  • If you generate a new preview, the previous preview will be lost and the previous URL will stop working.
  • The Sketchfab website contains many 3D models and allows downloading them in glTF format.